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How to Identify Bad Marijuana

Marijuana can stay fresh and pleasantly potent for a long time, provided that each phase of the growth and harvesting cycles were carried out correctly, and that it has been properly stored while … [Read More...]

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Marijuana Sales Increase over Holiday Season

Marijuana Sales Increase over Holiday Season Baker, a marijuana software firm has just released a report showing an increase in sales over the holiday season so far. The increase is shown in … [Read More...]

Could Marijuana Weaken Heart Muscles?

Some studies have been conducted on the use of marijuana in health related issues. One being its impact on the heart muscles Since marijuana can significantly increase or decrease a persons' stress … [Read More...]

Marijuana Infused Wine?

I'm sure the thought if infusing Marijuana in lots of different foods and drinks are pretty abundant, but what about wine? LA Times posted an article recently about how Lisa Molyneux, a long time … [Read More...]