How to Admit to Family and Friends That You’re a Cannabis Lover

Admitting to family and friends that you smoke cannabis does not carry the same stigma that it might have a decade or two ago, but in conservative circles it can still take a pretty big leap of faith to ‘fess up, and hope that the fallout won’t be overwhelming. Owing to the fact that there is now a decisive majority of states which have legalized marijuana, and a growing number which have even legalized adult legalization, coming out of the cannabis closet is simply much less difficult than it used to be.

But if you’re a person who happens to live in an area where legalization is still on the horizon, and the prevailing opinion remains on the conservative side, there are still ways you can broach the subject with people you know – without setting off a firestorm. Here are some tips for you to follow, when you’ve decided that candor is the best policy.

Cannabis LoverPick the Right Circumstances

Don’t drop a bomb on your family/friends at an awkward time – if you have to, wait until just the right gathering, where there will be time to discuss the matter, and opinions can be freely expressed by both sides. If possible, include an ally in the group for moral support, and for bolstering your case, if you should happen to get a little tongue-tied.

Prepare for Negative Reactions

Your parents might surprise you and be totally understanding about it. After all, they listen to the news too, and they have probably heard all the same things you have about the prevailing trends and opinions in this country toward legalization. However, it could go the other way just as easily, and if you can gauge your parents’ reaction somewhat ahead of time, you can prepare yourself with reasoned responses to whatever objections they might have.

Tell Your Side of the Story

Be ready to explain all the positive effects cannabis has had on your life personally. In addition to the improved mood, maybe it has provided some medical benefits for you that have had a major impact on your life. That’s where the next point comes in handy.

Know the Health Benefits

There is all kinds of documented evidence about the positive benefits that medical marijuana has provided for some patients – everything from reducing anxiety to eliminating headaches, to killing some types of cancer cells. These are legitimate advantages provided by cannabis, and are part of the package.

Observe Compliance Requirements

So that your parents don’t have a reason to object to you smoking cannabis, make sure to keep it all above board and legal. If you are doing anything against local laws, they would have a legitimate reason to withhold approval, but if you’re doing everything by the book, that takes away a possible objection.

Be Sensitive to Your Audience

If things don’t go well with your audience, don’t leave the meeting in a huff. Act mature, and try to understand their points of view as offered. It’s always possible they will come around to your viewpoint at a later date, and until then, just agree to disagree – respectfully.