Best Fertilizers to Grow Marijuana

Organic fertilizers are becoming more popular to growing weed or Medical Marijuana

Organic fertilizers are becoming more popular

It’s necessary to feed your marijuana plants the food that will help them grow and thrive: nutrients and fertilizer. There are many types and brands on the market, from organic to chemical and everything in between. You can even make your own fertilizer at home so you know exactly what goes into it. Here we explore the types and brands of fertilizers and their price ranges to help you make a wise decision.

Germination Phase to Grow Marijuana

During this phase, avoid the use of fertilizers in soil, as they can destroy your fragile sprouts. At this time, tomato soils will work fine until it’s time to add nutrients and fertilizers, says Mary Jane’s Garden.

Vegetative Phase

It’s best to use fertilizers like NPK at this point to allow your plants to grow, thrive and mature. You’ll spend about $20 for 16 ounces. This is a milder fertilizer because using full strength at this stage will have adverse effects on your plants. As you get more experienced, you can experiment on ways to dilute your fertilizer to the perfect strength. Frequency depends on personal preference — some growers like to fertilize a little each day or in bigger amounts twice a week.

Flowering Phase

Up the ratio of phosphorus to your crop for nice, strong flowers. Just don’t add too much or you’ll burn the plant. As your plants grow, you’ll need to increase the amount of fertilizer. Make sure you’re including enough calcium, sulfur and magnesium to get the best yields. The perfect balance is necessary here and you’ll need to do your research on what’s right for your type and size of crop. Too much and you’ll kill them; too little and you’ll starve them. Proven fertilizer brands to try at this point include good ‘ole Miracle-Gro, which will set you back only about $20 for five pounds. You can try making your own fertilizer of a mixture of urine and water but make sure you dilute it plenty so as not to burn your plants with the acidic content of the urine. Composting is another great homemade, organic way to fertilize and grow your marijuana crop.

Pre-Harvest Phase

Two weeks before you expect to harvest, stop the use of fertilizers to avoid any chemical traces in the plant when ready for consumption. Use fresh water to get rid of lasting fertilizer residue on the leaves and flowers. Water your plants regularly during these two weeks to ensure the best outcome.