How to Find Great Hiding Places for Your Cannabis Stash

It’s not so much that you really need to hide your cannabis stash these days, since it has certainly gotten a much better reputation than at any time in the past, but you may want to keep it squirreled out of sight, just to avoid conversations with less enlightened individuals than yourself. That being the case, think about some of these ingenious hide-in-plain-sight ideas for keeping your cannabis stash under wraps.

Cannabis Stash

Stash Underwear

Some of the newest underwear these days actually has a small pocket where you can conceal your cannabis, and keep it close by at all times for safe keeping. You’ll never have to worry about someone finding it in your bedroom or hidden in a desk somewhere, because you’ll be able to feel it close to your skin, just by thinking of it.

Lipstick Pipe

Women need a place to conceal things too, and this is absolutely perfect. To the untrained eye, this ingenious little device looks exactly like a tube of your favorite lip gloss, but it has a hollow space inside where you can hold something much better than highlights for your lips. 

The Cigarette One-Hitter

This thing looks just like a cigarette until you get pretty close to it – then it looks like a device which might conceal something – which it is. You can roll up one of your favorite cannabis cigarettes and carry it in this one-hitter container, with no one being the wiser.

Smuggler Belt

This just might be the most popular item on the list for concealing several cigarettes in the lining, and retrieving them before you discard your pants for the night. One of the best characteristics about the Smuggler Belt is that it stays tightly wrapped around you all night, until you’re ready to start partying with someone.

Golf Combo Pack

Believe it or not, Golf Combo Packs are sold in stores where cannabis products are offered to the public, and these can be the perfect concealment for your cannabis stash. You get one small cube that looks like it can hold a single golf ball, and a taller rectangular container which has the room to hold about 3-4 tees. Together, you might not be able to get a hole in one these two, but at least you’ll enjoy the heck out of being wherever you are on the golf course.