What Not to Do When Growing Medical Marijuana: Part 2

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Careful Growing Marijuana

Continuing with our three-part series, here are three more no-no’s to avoid when growing medical grade marijuana using a hydroponic system. These common mistakes can be quite costly in terms of money, time and the finished product. Take heed from these mistakes to ensure a healthy production of crops that can be used to alleviate or lessen pain in cancer patients.

5. Failure to invest in the proper equipment. Growing medical grade marijuana involves lots of specialized equipment as part of your hydroponics system, along with a dedication to ensure the crop is plentiful. Don’t skimp on the equipment, and don’t forget to set it up correctly — the first time. This means remembering to plug your pump back in, and checking that meters are calibrated, timers are working right, temperature gauges are working, light systems are good, and all other systems are in sync.

6. Taking bad advice from others. Like any hobby or business, it can be very helpful to take advice from others who are in the same place as you. But while many people like you may have some nuggets of advice, it’s best to approach this as a serious business from which you want to profit. That means you should get instruction from reputable sources, such as gardeners, botanists, scientists — anyone who can give you some good plant propagation advice and growth principles backed by scientific proof. If you’ve got a trustworthy hydroponics supplier, it’s likely he or she will have no problem answering your questions and providing helpful tips. Read books, scourge the Internet, and take everything with a grain of salt.

7. Failure to brush up on the laws in your state. While 23 states have legalized medical marijuana in this country, according to ProCon.org, this doesn’t necessarily mean you can grow it in those particular states (although many states do allow that). This could mean your state simply allows for possession and use of medical marijuana. That being said, each state has different allowable limits for possession. For example, while the possession limit in Alaska is one ounce, with three mature plants and three immature plants, California has a possession limit of eight ounces, with six mature or 12 immature plants.