What Not to Do When Growing Medical Marijuana: Part 3

growing medical marijuana, Hydroponic, growing weed, Organic fertilizers are becoming more popular

Organic fertilizers are becoming more popular

For the last part of our three-part series on common mistake people make when growing medical marijuana for chronic pain, here we take a look at three more things you shouldn’t do when cultivating hydroponic cannabis crops.

8. Yapping too much about your extra-curricular activities. If you live in a state where the cultivation of marijuana is illegal, keep your mouth shut. Use discretion in your endeavor; otherwise, this could be your single highest risk of downfall. Be aware of the risks of growing this plant on your property, and what red flags could garner the attention of curious neighbors, family members and eventually the law, such as spikes in electricity consumption. Sure, you may be tempted to tell all your friends about your operation, but stifle that urge or you risk being exposed.

9. Overfeeding. Giving your plants too many nutrients can be a bad thing — just like humans can overdo it on vitamins. Unfortunately, it’s quite easy to make the mistake of giving too much fertilizer, thinking you’ll simply get a bigger crop out of it with the more food you provide. This is a costly mistake, so stick with the recommended feedings to avoid failure. You’ll know your plants are overfed when their leaves curl and start to yellow. One solution is to spray the leaves with water — and only water — on a daily basis until they recover.

10. Setting the wrong temp. Going hand in hand with the above warning, setting the temperature within your hydroponics system too high or too low can also have disastrous results not only for the survival of the plants but also for the potency, which is a key factor in medical marijuana. Because cannabis plants are extremely sensitive to temperature, the optimal range should always be between 72°F and 77°F for proper growth, according to Medical Marijuana Mentor.

As you can see, there are many common mistakes to avoid when growing medical marijuana for chronic pain management using hydroponics. The best advice you can heed is to research all aspects of your operation before embarking and staying on top of maintenance to ensure a healthy crop time and time again.