Reduce Your Energy Bill Growing Marijuana

Medical Marijuana, Cannabis Manufacturing Equipment, marijuana legal statesGrowing marijuana can be a rewarding practice, sure. But man does it take up a lot of electricity! Don’t let your rising enMedical Marijuana, Cannabis Manufacturing Equipment, marijuana legal statesergy bills get you down. There are ways you can reduce your energy bill through a few simple changes to your routine, as well as the right equipment. Here are some tips to combat the rising cost of running your business or hobby.

Low-energy Equipment for Growing Marijuana

Equipment that takes up less energy than standard equipment is where you’ll see your biggest savings. Because your fans, heaters and other equipment may have to be in use for 24 hour cycles, it’s important that you choose low energy options here. You may spend a little more outright, but the savings you will find in electricity consumption will more than make up for this through the coming months and years. Low-energy models also have another advantage: less power taxing the area’s power transformers, which could pose a real problem if you’re running a big operation in a small space.


Everyone has their preference between HID and LED lights. However, if you’re looking to cut costs, it’s best to go with LED. Switch to LED bulbs instead of HID, which will lower your electrical usage and reduction efforts, according to 420 Magazine. Invest in some digital or electronic dimmable ballasts, which will allow you to cut down on the wattage of your ballast and lights when not actually needed. LED lights are preferred among many growers because they can last much longer than traditional bulbs, lasting up to 50,000 to 100,000 hours of use as opposed to 20,000, says Plantozoid. Consequently, you’ll save the most cash on electricity during your plants’ vegetative growth cycle, as they don’t need intense light per se, just steady light over many hours.

Solar Ventilation

Quite simply, it can get very expensive to grow marijuana indoors. That’s why some farmers are turning to solar growing technology for ventilation. The use of artificial lights indoors and ventilation systems can sap your energy bill faster than you can say cannabis. Why not harness the large amounts of energy from the sun? It’s free and you can say up to 90 percent on your electricity bills by using a solar greenhouse, according to The Verge. If you’re going to grow indoors, though, in a traditional setting, you’ll need exhaust fans and controllers to keep the air flowing. Choose low energy models that are efficient and will save you money.

Slash the cost of using electricity for your marijuana growing operations and you’ll be able to spend your money on more important things like supplies.