Is There Such a Thing as ‘Weed Hangover’?

Weed HangoverThe short answer to this question is ‘Yes’ – but it comes with a lot of asterisks and sidebars. Weed hangover is described as the fog or lethargy experienced by many people the day after consumption, much like a consumer of alcohol might feel, only considerably milder, and generally without any sensation of nausea. While some very limited studies have been conducted in the area of weed hangover, results can hardly be accepted as definitive, since the studies have been few in number, conducted with very small study groups, and often centered around usage of a single marijuana cigarette.

Reports From Individuals

Since governmental restrictions literally prevent the conduct of any major controlled studies on the subject, the most reliable information available on this subject has to come incidentally from participants. The good news is that the bulk of this information does accumulate into an identifiable pattern, which allows us to draw some fairly solid conclusions about the nature of weed hangover.

First of all, most people experiencing some kind of weed hangover can be said to have over-consumed, and this is particularly true in the case of cannabis edibles. This is not surprising, given the fact that it is far easier to over-consume on edibles than it is via any other method of ingestion. There also seems to be a correlation between weed hangover and dehydration of participants, with deeper effects being experienced by those who failed to stay hydrated during an evening of consumption.

Recovering From Weed Hangover

As far as it goes, weed hangover affects all people differently, in large part because everyone’s body chemistry is different, so reaction to consumption will vary greatly from person to person. However, if you should find yourself in a total fog the day after over-consumption, there are a number of steps you can take which will combat the condition. Here are some ways you can manage the specific symptoms of weed hangover:

  • Headache – aspirin or Tylenol may do the trick, but you can also try a cold compress on your forehead, or a massage of the temples
  • Dry eyes – there are a number of lubricating agents available to introduce moisture needed by the eyes
  • Nausea – hydrating yourself will probably help in those rare cases where nausea is experienced the next day
  • Brain fog – start the day with a cold shower or a brisk walk around the block, to get your heart pumping and your body moving. If you look at a gaming screen all day long, your brain might never come out of its fog.

The bottom line on weed hangover is that it seems to be primarily a matter of avoiding over-consumption and making sure you stay hydrated. If you can observe these two simple guidelines, you might never feel any effects of weed hangover at all.